Export Pattern / Song Stems

Any chance in the future we can export the pattern / song stems directly to memory card? This would be great as I can take my sessions with me anywhere (and keep the S2400 safe at home). Being able to pop my SD card into my laptop/CPU (or anyone elses post-COVID :wink: ) and have all my files I can mix/play on the spot would be super helpful.

Bonus points would be exporting them through the analog filters (if present) :slight_smile:


This one has been requested twice already and never got an answer so far…

Third time is a charm?


lol that would be a very useful feature for those who dont want to invest in an audio interface.

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this is amazing and needed as a tool as well brothers

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Up !

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@Mickey @bradholland this function would be a life saver. I’d love to be able to export song out the box to SD card and move on to the next project. Thanks guys

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i’m ALL about this, as well! being able to save a two-track or stems to the sd card is one of my favorite features on the MPC Live and would be a welcome addition. i don’t always find tracking out to be necessary.

9 months ago there was no USB audio but now can’t you record outs via USB to your computer?
In this case I don’t see the advantage of rendering and saving everything to a SD card and then importing everything in the computer.

Concerning the analog filters, currently no other choice than using the analog outs so an interface is needed indeed. It’s not necessary to buy top notch equipment btw. For example a Behringer ADA8200 analog to ADAT converter and a soundcard with ADAT is enough :slight_smile:

Resampling is coming by the way.
So you might be able to convert a song to a pattern and then resample this pattern to a 2 track rendering.
Depending on how it’s implemented and what the s2400 is capable of doing.
The machine having not enough RAM and struggling to record while streaming from the SD card, not sure it can be smoothly done. Wait and see :slight_smile:

Bouncing / exporting each stem / track separately to SD card would be a great feature.

Was there any update on this?

Maybe even could bounce to a network shared drive by connecting a network dongle?

That would make things so much more efficient to use the S2400 to come up with ideas but then take them over to “production”…