Sequencing Questions

  1. What does the song sequencing look like? Can you sequence sequences?

  2. Can you record/loop midi sequences?

  3. Can you record or ‘automate’ the filters/fader positions per pad?

Apparently 3 seems to be possible from this post:

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Record/loop MIDI notes & automations (including filters) would be awesome indeed. In addition to the current audio live looping mode.

hi _ve , welcome

well midi cc is coming so there is little reason for the box not to record it

they are finishing loopers right now, song mode is due the next couple of weeks kabooooom

good questions all, Dpro. +1 for record/loop MIDI notes & automation. that would also be amazing. don’t want to speculate too much, but if MIDI CC is on the way, and can be recorded into the sequencer as j.m suggests, then it follows that note and gate would as well.

has any specific information on MIDI implementation actually been confirmed yet? I’m especially curious about using the sequencer to control external sources via MIDI.

we know that pulses/triggers from the 1/8" clock out can be sequenced to advance the sequencer/arpeggiator of external hardware. that sort of addresses Dpro’s question about sequencing sequencers. (it could be connected to a clock reset input, for example.) this indicates similar functionality might be extended to MIDI parameters.

I believe MIDI note number to Pad may have been discussed, which shouldn’t come as a surprise if it is in fact implemented. also mentioned was class compliant USB devices connected to the Host port as well as playing samples chromatically from a keyboard, which implies a lot of basic MIDI functionality. the sequencer would at least have to recognize note number/name and gate, presumably both from the USB port and DIN input.

as I said, I don’t want to speculate too much when I don’t know details, but it’s hard to resist. :sweat_smile: looking forward to hearing more about Song Mode! that should give us a more detailed idea of how extensive the sequencer is.

brad has confirmed we will have a human readable file that will allow us to map controllers to the s2400, that says it all :+1:

when i do not know, it is there to be done though so we just wait - maybe on release, maybe later who knows, as above their priority right now is loopers and then song mode

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that’s right, I forgot what he said about controller mapping. good point, thanks!

and yes, all good things come to those who wait…

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