Live loop input source: Project?

I see an option under the input source for live looper labeled ‘project’

I assumed this would allow me to live loop the project i have (ie. run my patterns) and it will record the live loop or at the very least hit some pads while live looper is running and record the sounds – but doesnt seem to be the case.

What exactly is this input source? I dont see it in the manual.

Additionally, if this isnt what i think it is, whats the best way to resample drum patterns or layering sounds into 1 pad?

Thanks in advance!

That’s a bug. Inputs are analog jacks or USB.

Ah - - i got excited! Thanks for the clarity. Do you have any recommendations on how to accomplish my follow up question? How to resample drum patterns or layer sounds?

Master out to s2400 input ?

The S2400 cannot sample while a pattern is playing. You could patch the mix out to an input and record a Live Loop of it.

Bouncing a pattern to a wave file is a future feature we are working on.



Thanks @Richnoah, but @av500 is the one writing the bounce function.

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