Loop + Chop Tactics

Hello my friends,

Love this thing but I often find myself frustrated with setting the start+end points of loops, particularly longer ones.

For instance: if I am trying to trim a long (32 bar) sample into a precise loop that can be effectively read for BPM, pitch+time stretched, I find it irritating to have to restart the sample from the top every time I adjust the end point.

On my MPC 2000XL you have the option to “play after the end point”, allowing you to precisely narrow in on where you want the sample chop to end and saving you the annoyance of having to reset playback from the start of a long loop. Is there a feature on the s2400 that works similar to this that I am unaware of?

What are your tactics on the s2400 for setting start+end points on loops?



I trim the end first, setting the start near the end so you only need to hear a couple of seconds, not the whole sample. Then do the start. I never got the hang of the ‘play after end’ mode on the XL, you can’t hear the awkward start of the transient when you’re playing after it, only when it comes at the end of the sample. So I’d always trim too late using that.