S2400 Chopping loops

Feature request if possible - It would be a game changer if you could chop while playing a pattern and hear the chopped sample being looped over the beat instead of re recording the chopped slices. Like in the akai s900/950s! Editing chops while playing back.

Not sure exactly what you mean as I haven’t used an akai

You can definitely change loop start/endpoints or sample start/endpoints on the fly in loop/slice mode with playback/record override activated.

You can also enter live loop mode and record from whichever input you want in multiple passes.

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In case you cannot do it in loop/slice mode, it should be possible to do it from sonewhere else. From a “list” in main screen or maybe from the step editor.
Sorry for the lack of precisions, I haven’t used my s2400 for a few months now but I remember doing it before.