Resampling with effects workflow

Hi all - after experimenting a bit I haven’t found a happy workflow to date for running the s2400 out to effects and resampling back in.

The most straightforward results have been just by recording the s2400 → effects → mixer → recording device. Then playing back the sound back → the inputs of the s2400 (w/ effects applied).

It seems to me that a straight up resample function (sample from outputs) is a bit of an oversight by most standards, and would be really useful.

*There was a separate thread about adding more really basic editing functionality (truncate, concatenate files [for building sample chains], fade in/out, etc). This + resample would really make the unit pretty useful; that is, resample with various combos/degrees of applied effects → concatenate into a chain for slicing.

Curious to here how people are working through this.


I actually thought this was possible and anything applied to the track, like say normalize, filters, pitch etc, would be resampled by hitting resample. So I found this behaviour super confusing. The Boss SP series would be a great thing to look at for inspiration on resampling techniques like this imo. As that machine deals with it super well and intuitively. I would also say this when / if it comes to implementing FX too to be honest.

Am I also correct in thinking there is no way to resample at 48khz? As I’m sure people (myself obviously included) would like to be able to do this too. So you could resample your sounds with parameters / fx etc applied, without losing quality. Would be especially handy when it comes to resampling multiple times over, (which is something I do a lot) as you’d be degrading the sample with each pass.


The Isla team said a bounce pattern to sample and bounce pad with parameters applied is being worked on so I quess we just have to wait until it’s ready :slight_smile:

In the meantime you can plug an individual output to an input and record whatever is coming out that output in a live loop track. Then that can be saved as a sample and put on a pad. It’s better to monitor through the main out when doing this since the headphone output will still play the sound that is coming out the individual output, but the main out won’t if there is a cable inserted so you’ll only hear the signal coming back in if you have input monitor activated.


Appreciate the response, cheers :slight_smile:

I kinda figured they already were to be fair. Yeah, I have yet to figure out the live looper properly, as I’ve only had my machine about a week. A lot of my time so far has been spent learning to navigate and get comfortable etc, and quite a lot of time on sampling. I must say sampling from vinyl has never been easier, more fun, or more direct and quick. This machine definitely takes the crown on that front for sure!


Aaaaahhhh. I kind replied about this in the sample truncate thread, but this is essentially what I’ve been doing for several years now with my 3000 and now the 2400. The ‘recorder’ I use is another sampler (usually an SP-404 but sometimes an MPC Live or my old 3000) and I use it early on in the signal chain, just after the turntable mixer. I try to have all my sounds as close to being ‘finished’ as possible by the time they reach the end point….in this case the 2400.

One of my mentors early on did a lot work with Aftermath and sat with Dre in the lab more than a few times. Hearing about his approach really rubbed off on me. He uses (and still does from what I’m told) a few samplers in his signal chain - 3000s and 1200s mainly - to capture sounds after they’ve run through effects. By the time they reach the space where they get worked on, be it a 3000 or in ProTools, everything is processed and mostly mixed the way he wants it to sound, leaving little to do on the back end.


This is helpful.

I get using that workflow (chaining gear to capture upfront), but it is not efficient, and for those that don’t want to be working with multiple samplers at once it isn’t even an option.

A number of samplers (even as far back as the EPS 16 plus can resample with effects/new env/filters settings etc). That was in the late '80s. I’ll never let go of mine for that, and many other reasons.

Building a bare bones sampler in 2019/20, it isn’t a far off expectation to be able to resample from the main outs, or trigger a sample from a pad and loop it back into the inputs. The capability is there - live looper demonstrates this, it is just not as straightforward as it could be.


Maybe not efficient for you, but it’s definitely worked well for me over the years. But if we could do things the way that you are laying out (and I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to) that would be a great look too!

I take to the road at times (and also play beat sets, pre-COVID era) and having something portable like the Live or 404SX is something i’ve grown accustomed to having in my personal setup over the years. When I’m at home, they just slot in as a recorder for me as I’m processing sounds. I totally get that that may not be feasible or desirable for others. It just happens to work for me and that’s just one way to work around out of several. And I just enjoy talking setups/gear, because after nearly 20 years I’m still wild about that kinda conversation :wink:

Happiest of holidays!

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Yeah think we’re kind of double conversing haha… I’ll stick to just this thread for the reply this time :wink:

For me personally, pre-processing is generally an entirely separate process removed from the creative one, for the most part at least. And I’ll spend days, even occasionally weeks at a time doing it. However quick little edits and tweaks and stuff like that need to be done on the fly constantly with what I do, no matter what kind of prep I put in.

Bear in mind that the main genre I make is FAR more edit heavy than something like say Hip Hop, or genres that mainly use a few one shots and stuff. I make all kinds of music, Hip Hop included, but my main thing is old school Jungle, which is I would say, one of the more detailed / meticulous genres when it comes to both editing the audio, as well as the actual edits of patterns. And it can be very busy. (I have no idea if you’ve ever heard of the genre, so pardon me if it sounds like I’m condescendingly explaining Jungle here, that’s not the intent lol).

As far as sampling / resampling and processing and such goes, I have plenty of gear including multiple samplers ranging from old to modern (S950, S2000, S2800, SP505, E6400, Octatrack, I guess the Analog Rytm SORT OF is, and 4 (yes FOUR, but not all working lol) Amiga 1200’s. And all of those, from oldest to newest have basic editing features, such as truncate etc. Apart from maybe the Rytm, which still has SOME, although a bit less straight forward in implementation, and I think the mkII has more of that stuff too, and it’s technically not intended as a straight sampler either, but a drum machine. Also I guess technically the Amiga is a PC running a DAW.

Aaanyway, there’s no reason this shouldn’t have the standard basic editing tools too. The whole “just use another machine” ideology kinda hurts my brain tbh haha. Why though? I wanna sit in front of the machine that is intended to be a centre piece of a studio, focused, and working away on something for hours, not constantly moving away from the machine and having to do stuff in other machines, or worse, on a PC, which I’m trying to avoid in the first place, or I’d just crack on in Ableton or whatever DAW. It totally breaks the workflow for me, and at that point I may as well just USE the other samplers/ sequencers/ PC I have INSTEAD. (Which obviously I don’t want to or we wouldn’t be talking about it lol). Even my Iridium can do basic editing/truncating and resampling itself (with all FX etc applied) etc, and that’s a synth with rompler style ability as one of it’s 5 synth engines, not a sampler.

More to the point this is the machine I have moved to for ALL vinyl sampling now, and at least intend to stick with it. So I really wouldn’t want to rough record everything into it, dump it into the pc to batch edit in a PC, which is actually longer than recording to the PC in the first place… When I could just edit everything right then and there in a few seconds, which you ALMOST can do as is, the additions are definitely nothing wild, but would make life a hell of a lot easier and more efficient. Like I said these are such basic features I never even considered to specifically seek out if you could truncate/ copy / paste etc, because why WOULDN’T you be able to edit a sample on a sampler, that’s it’s intended purpose after all haha.



I think this reply would have technically made more sense in the other thread, which I thought I was on haha. Still relevant enough though, as both threads seemed to cross into the same few function topics.


you are precisely voicing my workflow concerns, as well as observations re: many generations of samplers/gear. The comment is completely relevant in this thread.

*as for Jungle, I was “there” from about '95-'00, so I understand/appreciate your comments regarding “edit-heavy” styles/genres. I still dabble but have mostly moved away from frenetic tempos so-to-speak.

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apologies for hijacking this thread , but I’m a bit baffled - is it not possible to re-route a channel from the Isla, out into an effects unit and back into the s2400 to be resampled? I’ve only had my unit for a week and tried doing this tonight but ended up giving up as no audio was coming back via the input monitor? pretty certain my settings were correct.

You can do it with live-loop tracks.


Thanks for clarifying. Glad there’s a workable method, shame it’s limited this way though.

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