Don’t know if someone has already done a request. But the sampling workflow on the SP404s is unbeatable.

The s2400 with that and the effects card I won’t even sell it if I end up without a home.


Je ne comprend pas la requête ???

Think the request is for SP404 resampling of either the instrument monitored or anything playing internally in the S2400.

You can resample sort of using bounce if I’m not mistaken but it’s not quite the same.

Tbh I think the SP404 and S2400 is a pretty sweat combo. That’s what I have. I would only get the FX card if I could resample with FX otherwise what’s the point.

SAMPLING Á LA SP404. I’m even using french.

If you sampled with SP then you know what I m talking about.

I have all the sp but I don’t understand your request, the s2400 has its own sampling mode, what do you want? lol

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Music input goes on, you press a pad and sample it there until you lift finger. You fill the pads and edit each sample on pad.


that would obviously be sweet. but doubt we will see this in this machine. but yes that would be cool as fuck. sadly it had pretty much been confirmed that resampling with the sequencer is not happening due to hardware limitations.

Really ?? :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

That would be great. I’m all for anything that makes for faster/simpler workflow.

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