External effects an resampling

Anyone runs external effects or say sp 404 and re sample channels into the 2400?

Wondering what would be the best setup (wiring).

If i run through outs into sp and back into inputs to re sample the effected track.

Any tips?

depends how you use the 2400:

for me i have a spare out (7) dedicated to ‘sends’ and then if i want to i just activate that via shift+pad -

now one of the really great things about the numeric pad is the fact you can use it dead fast to activate the OUTPUTS just by having the highlighter on OUTPUT (dont need it selected) and then tapping the number keys - i use this creatively with my ext FX - so as as example my hats are on trk1 running to main - i goto trk settings via shift+pad and tap the number that refers to the fx out ‘send’ and i can trigger FX blasts and then send the hats straight back to the main stereo by taping #1 - pretty creative way to use the keypad - basically switching the outs as fast as you push the button - responds great

the only place i return audio in is 1/2 as i love the 26k - never sampled at 48 yet :rofl:

of course bringing them back to sample post fx means you will be using the loopers unless you wanna sample with machine stood still