Best way to pair sp404

Hi Yall!
Just wondering if anyone has a good way to run the S2400 though the sp404. I didnt want to run the main out to it but I dont know if I have a choice. Has anyone used the assigned outs like 1 and 2?

I tried the sp404 with my mixer as an effects send and it doesnt work for some reason. Anyone else have that issue?

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Hii, You can send one of the separate output of the s2400 in the sp404 and you send the output of the sp404 in an input of the s2400, with me it works well.

How are you resampling a sound triggered from s2400 into the FX and back into 2400 as a wet sample?

I have seen it online being done well But I think most people are running it from s2400 to sp404 then mixer. But I kinda wanted the sp404 to run through the effects send of my mixer (my kaos pad does it, I dont know why the sp404 wont)

Alternatively I can run the sp404 with just my s2400 and not use my sp404 with anything else
but with that option I only have one main out on the s2400 so its either my mixer gets it or my sp404

Sorry if Im scattered…

it seems like forever since i have used mine now as it has been away as long as i actually had it but iirc for the 2400 to sample its own sounds you need to be in looper mode, unless something has changed

basically you cannot use the engine while it is sampling so the loopers have to be used

Yeah i remember using it briefly with looper (and a space echo)…Was a faff though…Am hoping this ‘bounce pattern’ will fix it…Not a major pain as im used to using the S2400 back and forth with DAW now but would be cool to use it with external FX in a real time capture/save/apply way.


yeah i don’t know if bounce pattern will do that , only a few do right now obviously but i would guess it is about turning our existing patterns into one file and not about allowing sampling while the engine is running - i stand to be proved wrong of course

the loopers do seem a bit of a faff workaround at 1st (arguably they are) and can get you a bit hot under the collar until you grasp it, but it is just a new workflow to get used to which is always nice, spend a bit of time practising with them and i reckon you will be good to go buddy - they do have advantages also :slight_smile:

For now what I rigged was I am using my monitor output on my mixer to the sp404 and then back through to the mixer on one of the inputs. Which my mixer also sends to the s2400 :+1:

What effects processors are people using? Besides DAW.
Im trying to avoid using my DAWs

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Right now I am in the process of trying to find something solely for Live Fx like an sp 404 without having to use a 404 lol. I know people love the “Per4mer” and it does look nice but kinda overpriced Imo. If you find anything let me know lmao.

Just saw that the sp404 MKII was leaked… yeah nvm lol looks like I know what the new FX unit will be :joy:. Too many useful new features to avoid it now

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Woah Thats Crazy! I wonder how much it will be? Some like the SP303 better that the 404 but its overpriced as well! You can get an sp 505 and its like an expanded 303. I agree the Per4mer is nice but a little pricey

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Yeah ironically the per4mer cost $404 lol. I’ve found a few different units or pedals but they’re all so expensive like $400 range. The leak says the new sp404 gonna be $500 and IMO compared to the other new units they put out it’s not that bad. New fx, new features, midi in and out, 1/4 instead of rca (I hated using the converters lol), and more.

32 voice polyphony as well.

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Don’t forget the built in Vocoder and Auto tune :joy:.

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S2400 is a dream with the Daw over USB…A million high end FX at your disposal - just use the DAW as a virtual mixing desk, switch off the screen and trigger the send/returns with something like the Midi Fighter Twister

Or use a midi-track bank on the s2400 for that! I think I will buy the little 1010 bluebox mixer to run all the S2400 channgels to, then I can have 2 stereo send & returns in the bluebox for pedals/effects (and also it’s internal reverb & delay) and have a midi bank on the S2400 mapped to sends/volume of the bluebox!

you know you’re gonna love that when nobody is home, admit it :rofl:

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Looking like it’ll be $499 according to this preorder from Sam Ash.

Edit: photo not uploading properly, but found it here

What is new in the MK2?