Feature request: effects loop

Is it possible to implement an effects loop in a future firmware update?

Running a stereo signal out of 7-8 output, through some outboard effects, and back into 3-4 for example would be sweet especially if you could resample.

Also, I was sure I saw something on a forum about an effects board that would be released for the s2400 down the line.

I’m likely dreaming, but is it possible to have a nice, analog (digitally controlled) 2-bus compressor? There was a project on GroupDIY a while back that shrank a GSSL down do 500 format. I wonder if Jakob would could help build an SMD version ;-).

you can already do that.

Take your output run though an fx chain, then back into an input and turn on live input monitor!!


Hi Brad.

Thanks for your response! Won’t that just give a 100% wet signal rather that a typical effect return that blends with the main output?

I’m thinking of an implementation more akin to that of the MPC 60.

well, you should be able to take care of that before you return to the S2400.
where there’s a will, there’s a way…