[Feature Request] Send/Return IO For Effects

Seems the HW is there to create a Send/Return for effects to do things like assign the stereo mix out to 1/4" pair to an effect unit and back to an input pair to be mixed into the main mix.

Also, while on the topic, what are some effect units that would be great to pair with the S2400? The Kaoss Pad KP3+ looks like something that could add some dynamic fun to the S2400. IO is only via RCA jacks, but that is easy to move past with some adapters.


Would love send return

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+1 for assignable send return that would be awesome!


This is a great suggestion

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i have asked, asked and asked

seems no desire for it

you can do something like this but via live loops but is a faff

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I would kill for this to be implemented in an intentional way. The live loop option does work but not super intuitive.

There is no way to “assign” anything to the mix out. The mix out is a hard-wired mix of the signals from the switches on the eight individual output jacks. The only software control we have over the mix out is a balance control for sending each of the eight signals to the left and right mix outs. They cannot be muted. The only way to exclude an individual out from the mix out is to insert a plug into the individual out jack.

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