“Only USB to Jacks” in Input Monitor

Can someone explain exactly what this is? When I had this on, I couldn’t hear anything from the mix out of my S2400. I literally thought all the outputs of my S2400 were dead.

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If you use usb audio you will only hear what is coming back from the computer and not the direct signal of the S2400.

So if you put plugins on your usb audio channels in a daw you will only hear the effected signal when using the main out of the machine and not hear them together with the direct dry signal of the machine itself.

Only works that way with the main out, not headphone output currently.


Appreciate the explanation! I thought I fucked my S2400 up!

Hey @Melkerpetterson, do you have a workflow for how to record the wet audio back into the S2400? This is something I’ve been trying to figure out.

Maybe you could you try something but idk if its worth.

The easiest way I think its bounce it in the daw.

IF your wet sound were a kick or snare (one shots) you could resample those and try to retrigger ( I dont know if its posible ) .

I Think this could be my workflow when I had my machine but ill do it at the begging as sound design , if I had to do it later probably ill do it in the daw as export and mix session.

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Thanks that’s what I’ve done. I’m pretty sure its the only way it can be done except for maybe going through the live looper? Sometimes it’s not worth the brain cycles to try to figure out how to go around the computer!