Preview sound output not going to USB audio


I wanted to try and use the S2400 with just the computer and no other outboard gear, but somethings didn’t work as expected.

I have the S2400 connected to my Macbook and have it setup as the input device in Logic, the output is going to my audio interface.

The stereo mix and the individual tracks are working fine, everything can be properly mapped.

The issue is with the input from the S2400. I have my turntable connected to the S2400 via a dj mixer going into input 1 (mono).

When I activate input monitoring for the audio input and activate the usb option, I don’t get any audio on the selected channels, I only get audio on the stereo mix and only on the left, even though, I have set it to left only, which I thought would send the mono signal to the left and right output channel.

What I expected, is that I get the audio from the input on the selected channels, not just the stereo mix.

But the bigger issue is, that once I have sampled something and I enter the preview/editing screen, I don’t get any audio from any channel, including the stereo mix. So I either have to edit and save the sample without hearing anything or I have to connect the mix out of the S2400 to a mixer, just for this purpose and then mute it again, once the sample is saved.

What I expected here, was that the audio of the preview is going to the appropriate channels of the usb audio.

If you need more info, I’m glad to help.
Thanks for looking into it.

Oh yeah and it would be nice to have the metronome going to USB audio as well, but there already is a bug report for that :wink:

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