USB Audio Input Question


Is it possible to bypass live looper mode and route the analog inputs straight to two separate audio channels in a DAW over USB?

Say I want to use my 808, SH101 and the s2400 all at once and record all three of these devices live in Ableton using the S2400 as an interface over USB.

Is it possible to put the 808 + SH101 into inputs 1+2 of the S2400 respectively and have them route directly into an assigned USB input channel as you would on a USB audio interface?

Hope this makes sense.


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makes perfect sense, have you tried changing settings in the input monitor menu? iirc it defaults to HP

shift+input mon
scroll down and select a channel to send the input to -

not tried it as i dont use usb audio but i dont see why it won’t work, good luck let us know

You have to set the input monitor channel to one of the 1-8 outputs. But be aware that you can’t use that channel for samples then if you want to record your synth alone on that channel.


Thanks for the replies.

I cannot seem to route the audio in through the input channels and directly out to a channel of USB audio on its own. It’s only routing through the input monitor and blending in with he output mix in channels 9/10 of usb audio.

If I want to use the sp2400 as a drum machine and have my 303 route in through the first analogue input channel and out to it’s own audio channel through USB how would I do this?

did you ever work out how to do this? I would like to use the USB channels 9/10 exclusively for the analogue input monitor. This would allow me to pass the signal from my MPC straight to a DAW and then use the remaining channels for the S2400. At the moment though I am not aware of any way to remove the other S2400 channels from the 9/10 USB audio output. I am guessing the only way to achieve this would be to do it would be to record to the daw in two passes. A normal pass and then another one with all the S2400 channels muted apart from the one corresponding to the analog input monitoring.

Unfortunately, no. I don’t think it’s possible, which is a shame.

I hope that this is addressed and enabled with a future firmware update, as it would major enhance the possibilities for the machine’s use.

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what I just read here Outputs 1,2 Mute Mix Out ...Normal? - #6 by justineastwick is that it is possible to remove channels from the mix out by physically inserting 1/4 inch TRS jacks into the individual channel outputs. I think that is just for the analogue domain so not sure if it would work with USB audio… but could maybe be a workaround?

I just tried your suggestions and I can confirm it doesn’t remove the signal from the mix out.