Monitoring while Tracking w USB Output + DAW

So I know this might be impossible but I was wondering if anyone could walk me through a method with this / if I should post this on the feature requests.

I have a U87 being run through a UA710 preamp. The preamp is then plugged into Input 1 (L) of the 2400. I am then sending the signal, via Analog Input Output to USB option, to Ableton. Consequently, Ableton is sending audio back out to the 2400 as its main output via the USB input monitoring.

It would be very useful if I could define which specific USB output the Mic would be running out of. As it stands at present, the Mic is always coming out of 9/10 aka the Main Out (or wherever you have that set). The same way that I could chose the Analog Output of the signal coming through the Input Monitor to be 1/2, 3/4, etc, I’d love to be able to output the signal to a different channel on USB.

The USB muti out works great when I’m tracking back into Ableton something that I’ve recorded to a Track on the 2400. It just is limiting for routing.

Another addition to this, if I could chose to remove the signal from the HP output when Input Monitoring, that would be lovely. Hypothetically, this would allow me to get a non-double monitored signal being processed by Ableton (auto monitoring in Ableton) to record into the 2400.

Breaking down ideal chain if this isn’t clear–
Mic into Pre
Pre into 2400 Analog Input
Analog Input clean signal via Output to USB Mix (at present headphones monitor the clean signal here via the analog outs HP)
Signal processed by Ableton
Processing monitored real time via USB Audio Input (this can happen right now, but not without double monitoring)
Processed signal recorded into 2400 via Sample or Live Loops

I’m asking the world here I know. If I understand correctly, the Main Outs are a hard wired sum of all 8 outputs so I assume HP output is just the Main Outs and this problem is unfixable. BUT figured I’d ask.

I love this machine so much. Thx. T