Save sample/pad with settings applied

Would be great if there could be a feature similar to ”flatten pad” in the newer MPCs.

As of now there’s no way to save a new sample and have the settings applied. That would allow you to for example pitch something up and then time stretch it, as of now the time stretch can only be done with the sample in it’s original pitch.

Or you could lowpass a sample, save it and then highpass and lots of other stuff like that.


This will be possible when we get the new Bounce Pattern to Sample feature.


Awesome! Will there be like a simple bounce pad feature or will you have to bounce a pattern and chop the sample again?

We will do a bounce pad feature too.


Great news! :star_struck:

Waiting on this too. I think that’s all that’s missing from this machine…

I am slowly moving away from my MPC Live. LOL.


Just for shits and giggles: what’s everybody’s workaround for this?

Sample/record to something else and then sample it back I quess

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Too smart man…