I Think I'm Missing Something

I swear I’ve read the manual! But there’s one thing I can’t figure out, which I’m sure is very easy to do.

After I’ve loaded a sound to a pad, and pitched it about, and applied a fun filter envelope to it, etc…

How the hell do I save it? As it’s own, new, sample, that is. I want to load my mangled sound and then repitch the already pitched sound, put a new filter on the already filtered sample, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help!

You can’t do that in the current firmware unfortunately. But the developers have said this is being work on so we’ll probably see this pretty soon.

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Wait for Santa Claus :slight_smile:

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currently you’ll have to record that sound (daw or tape) and then load it back in (or resample it if you recorded to tape).

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You could also record it to a live-looper track with a cable from one output to an input and then save the loop as a sample and assign it to a track. Bit of a hassle though.