Default settings when loading sample

Guys I’m sure this must have been mentioned and I’m really suprised it has not been addressed yet. Almost every sample I load into the S2400 by default has gate checked and has loop enabled. Is there anyway that this can be changed In the next firmware? It’s just an annoying procedure I could do without.

Hope all is well with you all, peace v

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I was working on a new project last night and the samples loaded weren’t gated or looped. What’s your process for assigning sounds?

I have come across this before though, and wondered why it was different.

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Procedure is clicking shift and pad and assigning a sample. That’s it. Pretty much most of my samples are from Splice which is in 48Khz, stereo, otherwise I’m not sure why, occasionally it doesn’t do it but most of the time it requires me to turn gate off and looping off . I’ll see if there’s anything I can see with samples that don’t do it to work out a pattern.

“Reset Parameters
Back+Pad: Resets all sound parameters (level, pitch, filters, etc.) to their defaults for that track.
In Multi Mode, Back+Pad resets that track’s multi parameters for the current fader mode
(pitches, slices, etc.)”

That work?