Gated, Loop On/Off defaults

Hey all -

Every time I load a sample, it seems to be a different scenario here. Sometimes the gated tick box is checked and sometimes not. Same goes for loop on/off, it seems to be random. Is there a way to change this or customize the S2400 settings in general to remember your ‘favorites’ or setup as a templated start point?

I’m seeing mixed info in other threads about template so excuse that double up as I know it’s been talked about.


Hi, it’s probably due to what’s below.

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Interesting, thanks for pointing this out. I’ll take a look later but that definitely sounds like it.

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The way I’ve made templates is by using a dud/blank waveform, it’s a fraction of a second of silence. (I use these on samplers as a way of choke/muting too, but besides the point). Since the 2400 has to have a sample loaded to a pad to save the settings, I loaded the blank wav to every pad, sorted all my settings, saved as template. Voila :+1: