Global Persistent Track Settings

I think that it would be a useful option to be able to set GLOBAL track settings. For example, I find myself constantly changing the Output Mix to “Left” all the time because I use the 8 individual outputs to go to an analog mixer. I also usually use the “classic” Audio Engine almost exclusively, so I have to toggle that. I’m sure there are other settings that would be useful to have a GLOBAL DEFAULT setting for, but I am stuck on the first two examples at the moment.

One other thought, and my apologies if this already exists and I have not discovered it yet - this GLOBAL DEFAULT settings could be implemented through a file that is placed on the SD card. That would make the setup of it much easier if that is possible.

I think that customizability would be useful for so many people because there must be a lot of different ways people are using the machine.

Thanks though for all your work on the S2400. It really is awesome.


i just made a template with all favourite settings, save it, have that as the load on start template that you set in settings

done :slight_smile:

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so when you load a new sound to a pad that had ‘output mix’ set to ‘left’ it doesn’t revert to stereo? Not with my unit to check atm

I prefer it to reset tbh, I like to tweak those particular things on their own merit. I agree it is repetitive, if the default option could be set it would make a difference for sure. I never use stereo

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Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see how to “load a template”. There are 3 options under the setting labeled Load@Start. There is Nothing, Last Prj, and Last Kit. Seems like if you made a template and then saved as to rename it after using it, you would end up with the new project loading at next startup.
Also, as project95 mentioned, when you load a new sound, the “Output Mix” will change to reflect the newly loaded sound being stereo or mono. So even if you have set a template up, the “Output Mix” setting will change as soon as you load a new sample.

edit - I guess I could convert my breaks samples to mono and that might help the workflow I’m trying to achieve and reduce the sample size / cpu load at the same time possibly.

sorry i missed the hole part about your samples - the outs changing automatically cannot be stopped by us if your samples are diff

i see where i have created confusion as my habit is to use my template i have built and that always gets opened @ start up because it always gets loaded at shutdown, his holds pan, engine settings etc - this is just a workflow i have generated to suit me along with matching sample types etc so i dont get these issues you have

Thanks j.m don’t worry about the confusion. You are just trying to help. As I mentioned in the edit to my post. I will begin a new workflow to make my samples mono if they have no stereo material in them. The S2400 is forcing me to think more about my practices and workflow. And that is not a bad thing.


yeah once i realised its methods i altered mine to suit - it makes sense when you know you want to use the thing often, i got so pissed off with stupid stuff and in reality it was easy to get around just by allowing myself to be like water and flow with rather than against :slight_smile:

did the same with my octatracks about 10 years back, did the same with maschine back in 09 and so on for the last 30 odd years