Template file save

As it stands now, when I start a new project I set my BPM (for me normally around 90, not default 120)
I go into each track and change the engine on each to Classic, also change pitch type, filter type and channel output to mono on each. I have to do this each time I create a new project.
Then I start creating my song.
Would be nice to be able to save all of that to a project called “template” (or whatever we want to name it. )
Then each time I turn on the s2400, I can load that Project template and get to work right away. When I think I have something worthwhile, I can then just “save as” project to another name thereby preserving my template project file.
This would def be a time saver.
Thanks for the consideration.


I was going to ask for this feature as well. I’d like to boost the gain on all the channels & save as a default template It would be nice to power up and go!

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Agree with this - huge time saver :slight_smile:

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