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As it stands now, when I start a new project I set my BPM (for me normally around 90, not default 120)
I go into each track and change the engine on each to Classic, also change pitch type, filter type and channel output to mono on each. I have to do this each time I create a new project.
Then I start creating my song.
Would be nice to be able to save all of that to a project called “template” (or whatever we want to name it. )
Then each time I turn on the s2400, I can load that Project template and get to work right away. When I think I have something worthwhile, I can then just “save as” project to another name thereby preserving my template project file.
This would def be a time saver.
Thanks for the consideration.


I was going to ask for this feature as well. I’d like to boost the gain on all the channels & save as a default template It would be nice to power up and go!


Agree with this - huge time saver :slight_smile:


Definitely looking forward to this. It would save a lot of setup time if you’re constantly using it the same way.

You can do exactly that now.
Save a project with desired settings.
Have it auto load each time the machine is turned on.


@bradholland I’ve tried to do this with previous and current firmware and the only way it works if you keep a sample loaded on the pads. Once I remove the samples and load that project it reverts back some of the settings such as the channel and alt. channel to what it was before.

I just created and saved one from a reboot without loading any samples and when I loaded it the audio engine and pitch res for Bank A changed back to HiFi and Semitones from Classic and Classic16 I set it, but Swing amount and quantize kept the settings I changed it to. For Bank B I changed all the Channels and Alt. Channels to 7, but it revert them back to the default.

Here are 2 projects files if this would help.

Created from scratch
Classic Template.S24 (10.5 KB)

With Samples
Classic_template.S24 (10.9 KB)

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I tried and I tried, but there seems to be a price to be paid to make it happen. At least with the latest OS. A sample has to be on each track, so you create 32 dummy samples in your default song, which will be saved to the actual song as well, because when you start a new project you first have to save the project as the new project. If you don’t do it immediately, samples will get lost.

So each new project contains 32 dummy samples now. Since a sample is a sample, I tried to get it smaller. So my dummy now is about 0.001 second. Weird stuff is starting to happen. The wave display gets corrupted, gate is auto engaged, loop is auto on, some dummies are silent, others are making noise (same sample, just a copy). Even if the real sample is assigned, weird stuff keep coming back…

If it is possible. please upload a project with all multimodes enabled on all tracks. TIA.

Or please create a setting for this. You probably do not use the multimodes that often. I do for every sample and it is a lot of work for each one…

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Hey Brad

Recently got my s2400. Wonderful machine so many thanks!

Could you possibly elaborate on how to do this? I can only seem to find an option to load the last kit or project in memory. Is there a way to point the auto load to a specific project file when booting up each time?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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