Pattern Length/Template Project

I’m setting up a project template, so to speak, with settings that I like to have across tracks, BPM, etc.
So when I fire up the S2400, it’s ready to go how I like to use it.
I saved a 4 measures to that file also, but when ever I load it, it defaults back to just 1 measure.
Everything else, in Track Settings. etc was retained, but not the Pattern Length.
Maybe not a bug, but it would be helpful, thanks

We are not saving pattern properties for empty patterns.
Maybe we should. or just when the default has changed.

I think this would be a really great configuration option. If you were to create a new project it would be nice if they just automagically had 1/2/4/6/8/999 bar patterns set up for you based on an option in settings.

I’m more inclined to add pattern default settings than to save empty patterns. The later just adds time to the save/load process and uses up disk space.


Default would be fine where you could change what your default is whether 1 bar, 2, 3, 4 etc.
That would work, thanks!


Sneaked this setting into today’s update :slight_smile:


Oh nice, Mickey, thanks man!

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That’s awesome Mickey! I so appreciate your 1:1 engagement with users in this process. It’s really been a remarkable difference from other products, even the Deluge, which by and large has a good amount of user/creator interaction. Thanks.


major facts salute @Mickey

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I notice that Effects setting retains the choice when saved to blank Project

Before today, when I saved a Default project, like a mentioned above (with BPM, track settings like Classic, etc.), basically a template. I could’ve swore that it also saved the Audio Engine track setting that I defined for each track/pad. I know that the pattern length defaults we talked about was added today and thanks again for that, but did the ability to save other track parameters like Audio Engine choice go away with the new update, or am I mistaken and it never saved those things to empty tracks previously?
Thanks again,

True. Track settings are only saved for tracks that have a sound assigned to them.

Now that we have the ability to set a default pattern length, which is awesome, how would it look to allow the saving of a template?
As it stands now, when I start a new project I set my BPM (for me normally around 90, not 120)
I go into each track and change the engine on each to Classic, also change pitch type, and filter type.
Then I get busy with my song.
Would be nice to be able to save all of that to a project called “template”.
Then each time I turn on the s2400, I can load that Project and get to work right away. When I think I have something worthwhile, I can then just “save as” project to another name thereby preserving my template project file.
This would def be a time saver.
Hope I’m not beating a dead horse here. :horse::blush:

@spinnie_B Can you repost that as it’s own feature request?