Pattern 0 (empty) length doesn't seem to be saved properly [SOLVED]

Latest firmware.

As shown in the video, if I change the pattern length of pattern 0 (empty) from 4 to 2 and saves it, next time the project is loaded it reverts to 4.

I use pattern 0 as an empty pattern I put at the beginning of a song when I record to my DAW via MIDI.

By the way, I’ve just had a freeze I have no clue how it happened but after recording my tracks in Reaper and doing a few manipulations, when I come back to my s2400 it was frozen meaning reboot didn’t work. Only power off.
Before it happened I was recording the separate outs, in the effects analog filter screen accessed from song mode. It seems that the crash happened after the recording was stopped in the DAW.

I suppose I have to record an empty event inside the pattern to have it taken into account. I’ll try to remember and do it next time.

Sorry for the wrong alert :slight_smile:

Empty patterns get set to the default pattern length (global setting) when a project is loaded.

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