Pattern renaming not really saved + copy between projects?

Hi! When I rename a pattern which is empty (and I did a bunch when trying to create a template with empty patterns named after song structure), and save it (with a confirmation that it is indeed saved), then quit the project, the renaming is “forgotten” when I load the project again (eg. “Pattern 0” which I renamed “Intro” goes back to “¨Pattern 0”). The saved renaming is only “remembered” when the pattern is not empty.

While you are at fixing that, maybe you guys could change the “copy” feature so that you could copy “from” and “to” the “pattern NAME” (and not the nondescript pattern numbers like now, which is difficult to remember when you have several of them).

What would be even greater would be to allow to copy patterns to a different project! Currently AFAIK it is impossible to merge different projects.

Thank you and keep up the tremendous work, as so many I’m otherwise very VERY impressed by both the hardware and the software and the audio quality!!

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