Load Pattern - load individual patterns

Please allow us to load individual patterns from our saved Projects. If we mess a pattern up we can reload that one pattern from a previous save. Something I do on my SP1200 quite often and is invaluable when you accidentally mess up a Seq/Pattern.

I know the correct way is to first copy the pattern you are working on in case you mess it up, but the reality doesn’t always work out this way.


Wouldn’t re-loading the previously saved project accomplish the same thing?

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I suppose the best solution to this would be to add the long awaited UNDO function.
In this case no need to copy a pattern just in case, no need to reload.


No. That defeats the whole reason to being able to load individual patterns.
Loading a project wipes out ALL of your changes, but if you just want to reload one pattern, currently you cannot.

Yeah, but having the option to load individual patterns is still invaluable. I mean, have you ever made so many changes to a pattern and then thought ‘I preferred it the way it was before I started messing with it’? I do all the time, and that is when I just reload the original pattern (on the SP1200).

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Yeah I have that feeling when I want to copy only certain tracks from one pattern to another one. Advanced pattern functions might be better than having each pattern saved as a separate file each time. But yeah flexibility is better than being stuck and having nothing to solve a problem so I understand your request.

This feature was added in the latest firmware with additional functionality. Thank you very much. Marvellous stuff :slight_smile: