Looper parts load and save with pattern instead of per project

I have been enjoying the looper section, and I know below in a thread it says there are many features coming so I am excited about that. In the meanwhile, I want to formally log my requests.

I noticed that the looper parts do not effect polyphony in the rest of the sampler, this is awesome. However, the looper parts are saved per project. This limits the function of the looper ala RC505 to one set of loops per project. Projects are not loaded on the fly so this presents an issue.

My request is to be able to save a set of loops with each pattern and load them when we make a pattern changes.

Thank you for all your hard work!


The LiveLoops are in memory. Therefore, this feature would require saving them to the SD card when switching patterns. Saving them to the SD card and loading the next set takes a noticeable amount of time.
It is possible to implement this feature, but it would not be instant.

could we plan to manually save before changing patterns otherwise just dump what’s in the buffer on pattern change for smooth transition?, or have this as an option? For performance sake, you may not want to always save what you play after a pattern change.

Or, Is there a way to save a single loop to the sd card when you merge buffer audio into the active live loop when you press the A button? otherwise dump whats in the buffer on pattern change? this would eliminate the time necessary to save before loading the new sample loops? Not sure if this is possible but I am hopeful.

or if not, for performance purpose, is it possible to forgo saving and only load the parts that were previously saved? Or have this as an option?

Thanks for responding… I am having so much fun with this machine!

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Those are interesting suggestions. Definitely several ways to do it. But again, all SD card access takes time, so there would be a pause when saving/loading. We will revisit this later when there is time to work on it.

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This feature would change everything for me. Enjoying the unit so much, but if this was available, even to a limited degree, it would be maybe my favorite piece of gear ever.