Saving a loop from live looper mode

I think I am just being dense but is there a way to save a loop you made in looper mode into your pattern for good? I know you can save the sample to the project or SD which is great but I cant figure out how to save it to a pattern once you are happy with your loops.

Should note I figured how to assign to a pad when making a loop as well but is there a way to just print it into the sequence?

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Only tracks are recorded in the patterns. So, the only way to do it is to save the loop and assign it to a track, then add that track to the pattern.

I guess what I mean then is when you exit looper - and select to do so - it would place a trig in the pattern on that track to have the loop play as you recorded it perhaps?


Interesting idea. I have changed the category of this topic to Feature Requests.