Song to pattern copy / blank sequence ignored

It seems that in the following case the blank sequence is ignored. The blank sequence is at the beginning of the song.

screenshot 1 : song
screenshot 2: pattern 0
screenshot 3: copied song to pattern 8

The workflow behind this is adding a blank sequence at the beginning of the song/ pattern to record the separate outs in the DAW.

I always leave pattern 0 blank for this purpose.

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We will fix that. In the meantime, you could record a pad press to pattern 0 from a pad with no sound assigned, or with the level turned all the way down.


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:
As it is a simple song, I just stayed in song mode while recording to the DAW last week.

To be honest I haven’t figured out yet if there are advantages or drawbacks between song mode and main mode for this case when recording the separate outs to a computer.