Copy Song to Pattern events ignored [FIXED]

I’m experiencing an issue where I am copying songs to pattern, and one of the patterns refuses to respect the solo events.

Using 5 songs to create sections for intro, drop, breakdown, drop2 and outro. Each song is copied to a new pattern, but the drop2 pattern plays every single track at once ignoring all the solo events. Every other pattern plays identically to the song.

I’m scratching my head here, I built each song in exactly the same way and can’t think of any setting I may have touched to mess it up.

I simply cannot copy this one song to any new pattern and have it include the solo events. It plays ALL tracks simultaneously once copied to pattern, despite playing as expected in song mode.

Really hoping it’s me and not a bug, I’m totally stumped here.

We would need to see it to be able to answer. Please zip up the project folder and upload it to googledrive/onedrive/dropbox/etc and post a link to it here. If you want to keep your project private then DM me the link.


It is a bug. Fixed in dev. Thanks for your help.

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