Global settings

Is there or will there be a way to set global settings and keep them everytime the machine is turned back on.

ie. pad color (defaults every time I reboot or load a new project to colors)

bpm sets to 120 all the time.

input monitor always need to turn it on
filter settings always need to turn them on.
swing always at 50.

is there going to be a way to set this and forget them upon reboot amongst probably some other settings. id like to set them and have them as default. thanks in advance.


For most things you can make an “empty project“. Just assign a placeholder sound to every pad (hi hat for example), then change all the settings as you want, then save it as “empty project“ or something like that.

I don‘t think it works for input monitor, but it works for the swing setting, audio engie settings, etc.


I would also like some settings to be stored in the global settings, like swing, quantize, default engines, default pitch resolution, default volume envelope, default tempo.

The problem with the solution of the “empty” project is that there also is no way to load like a default/template project, so you would have to load it manually and the make sure, you don’t always overwrite it.

So maybe there should also be a way to set a template project to be loaded whenever a new project is created.


I’m thinking the best way to handle this is a “Save as default project” function. Then when a new or blank project is created, it will use those settings.
I will put it on the (long) todo list.


That would be great.

What I would also like to see is something like a global “classic” mode switch, that sets everything into “classic” mode by default, so that you don’t have to set engine, pitch res and volume env to classic modes manually on each channel.


that would be awesome Mickey

Mickey when you first started this project did you know what you were getting yourself into? :slight_smile:


Saving a default file works for some things.

But still going to give a +1 for default settings!

One thing (as a color blind person) that bothers me, is there is no way to set a default pad color. It would be great if you could specify the color that you want a pad to always be form the first initializaiton, as opposed to having a color spectrum.


This still doesn’t exist, correct? It is pretty annoying to have to change every pad to classic (and change tempo, quantize, swing etc) every time I make a new project. Seems like the vast majority of users are going for the classic sound (is anyone not really??) and I’m surprised it’s set to high fidelity by default lol.

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Yeah pretty much agree. Changing every pad to classic everytime i setup a new project. Default template on open would def would be useful

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Can you guys please make this happen :pray: :grinning:

That’s awkward, but a lot more work goes into changing each track to multimode synced (12 button presses and setting 24 faders per track).

Please create a setting for switching multi mode sync on for all tracks.

What I do is I created a new project label default 12 bit and load a hihat on every channel, the turn on multi mode sync, setup up classic bit depth for each pad then save it. Then I load it up before a new project then select save and save as change the name and that saves all your settings . This is the work around i found

How large is that hihat sample? I get a lot of problems with my template file, which contains dummy sample of size 824 bytes. The assign sample function gets confused sometimes and sets the loop to on. Now assign a sample bigger than 2MB, bugs galore…


You can do it with blank samples also I tried it, sample a split second of silence and assign it and you can set up your functions and save it . You running the newest firmware?

Yes, latest OS here. Have you had any trouble with auto loops, corruption on the display and crashes while saving? I reported some of it in the bug report section. Maybe your samples are just a bit longer and you avoided the auto loop situation.

No I have not had any of those issues


First post as I received my S2400 yesterday. I would love to see this request happen as well. I’m on the October ‘23 firmware and noticed that there is no option yet to startup the device with a default template by choice. Only nothing, last project or last kit. Or am I missing something and is there another way around this?

bit late, but i think the “loop on” thing with smaller samples is a bug. it happens occasionally with one-shot drum samples. hope this is gonna be solved sometime in a future update. cheers