Have designated user template as 'load at start' option

currently we have

last prj
last kit

i have made a template that i would just like to load each time, has all trk settings as i want them

of course i know i can scroll and load - just wondered if we can get it as option to auto load a template we choose



Yeah, this was something I asked for too. Would be cool to have. Suggested it here.

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+1 yes please

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Ah templates. Octatrack needs them but im not sure the S2400 is as hard to set up.

agreed it is easy to setup, and it is very easy to load up a saved template where all the work is done which is what i do now, but i would rather just have a choice to point to it, i know it is a small thing

+1 :love_you_gesture:

in for +1 on this one

Yeah, I’ll take some of that too!

Yes definitely very helpful