Permanent track settings

does anyone know of a way to set permanent track settings?
i am using the s2400 with usb to logic with multitrack, but to get the tracks from the isla to come through on the right channels i need to set them to L+R mixed under track settings per track…
every time i launch a new sample it gets set to stereo by default.


Yeah, I just want everything mono going in the machine. Its nice to have stereo for when I need it but if there was a way to make all samples start at L+R would be better than stereo for me, but thats my preference.


Can you save a kit with these settings then just load it each time?

yes, but for each new sound thats added i need to manually change it again

I totally agree with you on this and I was already thinking about adding a feature request to have some default setting available where we could choose how we would like the stereo / mono setting and also the channel output. It would be nice also to have these settings global so that you can create a new track and not have to re-set them every time.

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