Mono previews in stereo + "force to L+R mixed"

Hey guys
Still new on the forum, please excuse any noobish stuff or ignorance on my part. :sweat_smile:

I am using all the 8 individual analog outs of the S2400 and sending them into my DAW via my audio interface, and i have some workflow hickups regarding mono/stereo samples.

Firstly, i experience that even though i have set a empty track to be a mono track in track settings, as soon as i select a sample that is a stereo sample, the track settings also change to stereo.
This bleeds the selected samples into the neighbouring mono track/output and is annoying.
When using 8 analog out, i usually want each channel to be mono by default, even though a stereo sample is imported.

Is there any way to force a track to stay mono/L+R mixed (latter is not an option in a empty track) so that i wont have to change this parameter every time a stereo sample is selected?

Next bit is related, and regards to previewing. To provide context:

I have a sample on track 7, that is going into my DAW and goes through a delay.
Next i want to find a new sample on track 8, which is set to mono when it is empty.
When i preview a sound to assign, it previews out of both Track/channel 7 and 8 and gets treated with the DAW delay via channel 7. This is beacuse the auditioned sample is stereo. It would be logical that a stereo samnple that is auditioned for a mono track, should preview in mono and only through the channel assigned to that track.
Is this a setting i am overseeing, or should this maybe be categorised as a bug/new feature request?


I have the exact same “complaint” about the previewing functionality and my suggestion for a “fix” is to allow a dedicated preview track assignment, such as the HP (Headphone) output. The headphone output could then be routed to a dedicated preview channel on a mixer or audio interface and even used like a cue outside of the main mix. Most of my attempts to jam with a friend have ended in my conclusion that the S2400 is not really a jamming kind of device and better suited to building up a set of patterns or song beforehand, where the messiness of the previewing doesn’t really matter.

There is a section of the manual (page 15) that goes over file browsing and in this section, you can indeed set a preview channel. I believe you can even select the headphone here, although I am not looking at my S2400 at the moment. The manual states though that "When browsing files from “Assign Sound”, the track’s settings override default preview settings ", so it appears that the only way to take advantage of the dedicated “preview settings” is to do your previewing through the file browser. I have not tried using it this way, so I’m not sure how easy or hard that is to do.

There is also no way to do your second bit that I know of. I agree with you that it would be nice to have the track stay mono.

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I think it is hard to have it work smoothly for all kinds of scenarios but maybe you should create a feature request topic and ask for individual outputs (not only stereo pairs) and output mix type ( L, R, L+R) to be added in the preview sound window.

Or what you can do is assign the sound to a track so you have more options and delete the track afterwards if not needed anymore.
This will probably be faster when what you want to do is more complex than the average use. :slight_smile:

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Thx guys!
Tried setting preview sound to HP and send this to a dedicated “preview channel” in DAW via Audio interface. The problem is that i get the full mix out of the headphones at the same time, so thats a hassle. Unless ther is a hidden feature to turn off routing tracks to the HP… but i doubt it. Will concider making a new feature request.

Seems like i can change the category of this post, so i’ll just do that.

This post is now officially a feature request based on the original post.

Short recap:

This is options needed when using all 8 individuall outs, to improve workflow:

  1. There should be a feature that forces a track to remain mono/L+R mixed even though the selected sample is in stereo.

  2. Preview sound should have a option to only send sound via the mono output channel of the specific track it is previewing for.
    In other words, if you have selected track 4, and track 4 is routed to output 4, the preview sound should only be heard through output 4. incidently, if the selected track is 4, but routed to output 5, the preview sound should only be vailable at output 5.

I figured out that when a track is empty and you audition a new stereo sound, it previews in stereo through the tracks selected output + the neighbouring out (1+2, 3+4 etc) This is even though the track is set to mono.
When i select a sample for my track and then set it to “L+R mixed” afterwards, i can auditon a new sound via preview and it only previews in the output of the selected track. So the “L+R mixed” is actually doing the job i am requesting, but it is not available until after a sound is selected on a track.

So in conclusion:
It might seem that the only new option needed to solve both 1. and 2. is to offer a “L+R mixed” option on emtpty tracks and that this option does not change based on the selected sample being stereo or mono.
This enables us to make templeate projects where all tracks are “L+R mixed” and use this in sessions where all outputs are used.

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Tried setting preview sound to HP and send this to a dedicated “preview channel” in DAW via Audio interface. The problem is that i get the full mix out of the headphones at the same time, so thats a hassle.

Now that you say that, I think this was exactly what happened to me when I tried it too. It has just been many months and I didn’t remember that until now…