All sampling is in mono, even with stereo sampling selected

Ok so I had been sending the S2400 a signal to it’s inputs for sampling from my mixer using the Aux sends. This was convenient but also meant I was getting a dual mono signal that couldn’t be panned. So I then hooked it up to the monitor input (normally for headphones/etc) which is a stereo output, only to find that even with ‘stereo’ selected on the sample screen that my samples all sounded mono.

To eliminate external factors I plugged my iPhone directly into the S2400 inputs and brought up this stereo test video. With a direct connection and stereo sampling selected, the resulting sample is still indeed mono. Here’s the recording:

I then saw this thread about needing the channels to be panned, so I did that but am still getting mono samples.

Hey Scott… I was testing something similar the other day. My troubleshooting came down to a faulty cable-- i thought i was sending in stereo but i was not— and once I fixed this, it sampled in stereo.

For my test, i am sending a verified stereo panning piano in via analog 1+2, making sure the sample is set to stereo, and once i get SAMPLE OK, i test with the Run/Stop button.

try this and report back!

What a great song that will be.

@soundsubs thanks- I thought about the cables, but they’re both new stereo 1/4" cables that work fine with all my other gear, so I’m not sure why they would make the S2400 sample in mono. I’ve got “stereo” selected in the sample window. It should be stereo.

Updating with a voice file. I used my mic and preamp with a balanced 1/4" cable and talked while plugging the mic into input 1 and input 2 of the S2400 with Stereo sampling selected. As you can hear it comes out mono just like the first example :confused:

Oddly enough channel 2 sounds a bit quieter than channel 1…

Am I doing something wrong here?

You have the channels panned left and right? or both to center (which will sound mono)?

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Yeah they were all panned center. It’s odd to me that the S2400’s default state is mono playback. Is that how the original was? Every other sampler that I know of defaults to stereo playback with the option of settings sounds to mono.

How do you recommend working with it set up this way? Keeping channels 1-4 panned center for mono playback like kick and snare, and 4-8 panned hard L and R for stereo samples?

Still just trying to wrap my head around the channels. Thanks for the help!

If you want to use analog filters then keeping channels 1 and 2 for stereo samples is a better choice.

In my case I only use the Pan mode when using headphones at night. Otherwise I use the seperate outs and do the stereo panning in my computer (RME totalmix). I don t use the main out because it is physically disconnected.

So it depends on what you have after your s2400 and if you want to use analog filters or not.

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The original was mono only and you had to pan on the mixer/saw/record source.