Not hearing samples back in Stereo. Panning isn't doing anything

Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong but I can’t get samples to play back in stereo. I’ve made sure it’s a stereo sample with the output mix set to stereo and channels panned but still hearing it in mono. For example if the sample is on channel 1 as far as I understood I’d just have to pan channel one to the left and channel 2 to the right in order to hear it play back in stereo but for some reason it’s still played back mono.

Any help would be greatly appreciated was dying to make some beats tonight but can’t figure this out. And ya I checked the manual maybe I’m missing something though.



Sounds like you’re doing everything correctly. Are you sure it’s a stereo file (not just a 2 channel file with the same audio in both channels)? And you’re monitoring the Mix outs and have them panned correctly on whatever mixer or sound card they’re connected to?

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Damn. Yeah I’ve tried multiple stereo files in an attempt to figure this out. I only have two cables going from the mix out (7&8) going into an Apollo twin x. Does that mean I also have to do panning on the interface somehow? does that mean I can’t pan a sample on channel 1&2 unless I have cables for all 8 out and an interface/mixer with that many inputs?

Thanks for the help

You’ll definitely need to pan the L&R channels (the ones the Mix Outs are connected to) on the Apollo.

You can pan each channel in the S2400 and it will be preserved at the Mix Outputs. You don’t need the other 8 outputs connected at all.

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ok awesome I guess now I just need to learn more about this apollo (I’ve heard all other stereo files that go through it perfectly fine in stereo just not from the s2400). At least I have an idea what to try once I get home. Thanks man I appreciate it!

Yup that was it I just had to pan it in the Apollo software as well. Thanks a lot!

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