ER: Show output pairs when assigned sample is stereo

I’m new to the product, but one QoL thing I noticed that took me a while is that when you assign the output to a track, you specify a singular output and just have to assume that if the underlying sample is stereo it will use the subsequent output for the other channel. I’m wondering of the feasibility of displaying something like (1 +2, 3+4, 5+6, 7+8). It’s also not clear to me if the even outputs are valid candidates for a stereo assignment (ie is 2+3 valid?). Again, I’m not suggesting any functionality change, but maybe just make the display more explicit to the user what pair they’re using. I found myself stumped for a bit wondering if I was missing some setting to enable stereo out when it just works (great), but wasn’t clear (less great).

Thanks in advance


There is a setting for that called “Output Mix”.

This is one of those things that once you understand it, I think it is fine, but I agree with @the8bitdeity that it could be cleared up.

I’m not sure you understood what he was asking @Mickey.

If you were to load 8 stereo samples on pads 1 to 8. Each one displays the output channel 1 to 8 according to the track number. Track 1 shows 1 but actually outputs through channels 1+2 and track 2 shows 2 but outputs through 1+2. the8bitdeity is saying that it would be nice to see both channels instead of only 1 of the pair. It is not possible to my knowledge to output from a mismatched pair like 2+3 or 4+5.

So the feature request in this thread is:

If Output Mix is stereo, instead of displaying something like

Output               5

Make it:

Output             5+6

And, it could be nice to be able to send mono samples centered, when you used stereo Outs. So you could mix stereo and mono samples on the same outputs pairs.

Not to pile too many feature requests in one thread, but I would like to be able to just have all channels mono by default and choose if I wanted to use stereo. I’m pretty sure this one has already been discussed before though.


I would suggest & instead of +.
Like how it is displayed in the Preview Sound sub-window when browsing files :slight_smile:


What a great suggestion! There should definitely be more transparency.

I frequently find myself in a situation where a rogue stereo sample ends up hijacking outputs. It really takes me a minute of anxiety to figure out what’s going on. The only way for me to figure this out is by looking at my hardware mixer and muting/unmuting tracks one by one. It is definitely one of the “unknown unknowns

It may be worth to create a new feature request to have a visualization of the internal mixer of the s2400 instead of checking each track output one by one or checking the input meter on the computer which is what I do as well and which the most efficient way to visualize what’s going on so far.

Precision: I m constantly using the separate outs.
If that visual mixer could indicate the number of voices being currently used it could be even more pratical. :slight_smile:


Yes please! That’s one more really great idea!

I digs :+1:

I’m 100% with this, would make identification of what output configurations are being currently used.

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Such addition would be awesome. Me and my friend have spent so much time on troubleshooting issues linked to stereo samples in our projects…