Help with loop slice in multi

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man I’ve hardly slept since I got this machine lol.
It’ss a real breath of fresh air!

I’m chopping up a minute long sample I got from an album of president speeches throughout the years in multi mode, and for some reason when I hit A to bring up the waveform, I can’t hear the pad anymore to know if I adjusted the start and stop enough. I can hit back or A again to leave the waveform and hear my new start and stop points, but not while I’m using the faders to dial it in. Anyone have an idea of what I might be doing wrong?

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Sorry. Confirmed bug. Fixed in dev. Will be in the next update.


Thanks Mickey! I assume this was already fixed in beta tester firmware? I was following along in one of Alex’s tutorial videos and he was doing it. I was pulling my hair thinking I missed something lol

nevermind my above comment. I just saw this is a bug affecting stereo samples, so alex probably was using mono samples in the video.

It actually only affects long (>2MB) samples, mono or stereo.


In case any one is curious how long that is to stay under 2mb see below:

16 bit/ 44.1khz stereo - 11 seconds and change
16 bit/ 44.1 khz mono - 22 seconds and change
16 bit/ 48khz stereo - ~10.5 seconds
16 bit/ 48khz mono - ~21 seconds
12 bit/ 26Khz mono - ~51 seconds

Formula is Bitrate of the audio (bits per sample * Samplerate * channels) multiplied by duration / 8(switch from bits to bytes)
For example (16 * 44100 * 2) = 1,411,200 mbits * 11.733786 seconds = 15,999,988.032 bits / 8 = 1,999,998.504 Bytes or 1.99… mb


thanks for the reference! I took a screenshot to help remember until there’s a fw adjustment.

BTW, do you know the max length/size of file that the the s2400 will see when browsing to assign audio? I have a like 30minute set of improvised music I recorded on a gig last year, and I moved it to the s2400 and it won’t see it. Presumably because it’s too big. How would you approach using a file like that? I want to take and sample some of the best moments from that file. thinking Iight need to play it back through the audio inputs and sample it that way instead of chopping the long wav…

the max you can see on screen is 64 meg, that is the entire RAM

the 2400 will play back as large as your SD card will allow

but seeing it takes RAM

you may need to chop it in order to be able to see it

As j.m said, the S2400 can play a WAV file of any size, the only time the 64MB limitation comes into play is the max size you can edit in waveform view, and the max size of a sample that is recorded on the S2400.

@tubasco, what do you mean when you say the S2400 “wont see it”?

Thanks fellas.

Mickey, I put some files onto the sd card while in msc mode, one of which is ptetty long…maybe almost 30 minutes, stereo.

When I exited msc mode that long file didn’t appear in the folder as I was assigning samples to pads. I went back into msc mode and the file is definitely in the folder. It just doesn’t appear on the s2400 screen. That’s what I meant by “s2400 won’t see it.” Is there another method to check if the machine can play that sample back? Or is “shift/pad/sample select” the only way?

Browse Files mode shows every file, not just WAV files. If the file does not appear at all, then there is something odd with the file name, like it contains a slash (which only Mac OS allows).

In “Browse Files” mode, you can press Enter/Encoder to hear a sound.

The Assign Sound mode only shows WAV files. Furthermore, it does not examine the file to see if it is playable before showing it in the file list. For example, 8-bit WAV files will appear, but not play. If a sound file does not appear in this mode, then it may be because the file contains illegal characters, or there is a space between the period and the WAV extension, or it is not a WAV file at all.

@tubasco What is the filename of the disappearing sample?

I just went in through the file browser and found it. (I was only looking via pad assign before)

It has a question mark in front of it. I named the file on my phone before transferring, and it has spaces in it, which I’m guessing is the reason for the question mark. I’ll rename the large file without spaces, and chop it into smaller pieces on my computer so I can assign it to pads.

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Spaces in the name are fine. If it has a “?” next to it, then that is because it does not have a .wav extension on the file name. It is a WAV file, right? Not AIF or MP3?