Assign a sample WITHOUT saving

I chop kind of heavy, and when I hear something, I chop individual parts QUICKLY and assign them to a pad. On the S2400, we have to sample, then save it to a new or existing project or folder on the SD card, then we can assign the sample to a pad. Not sure if this long process doesn’t kill anyone elses vibe, but speaking for myself, it completely kills mine. Theres way too many steps involved. Sample, assign to pad, DONE! Once I’ve sampled the sounds that I need, then I’ll save what I want to the SD card. I don’t want to save every single sample that intrigues me to a kit.

Cream of Beats


The S2400 may not have enough RAM to keep everything without saving.

Maybe a function to assign automatically the saved sample to the next empty pad could help to reduce the number of steps involved.


To add to this:

It would be nice to have a function where the last used name is already there when naming samples after sampling. Eg: If i named my last sample: “drumbreak01”, the next one could automatically be prenamed as “drumbreak02” (instead of having to redial / retype the whole name for every additional sample)… other machines do this and it saves a lot of time.