Assign a sample WITHOUT saving

I chop kind of heavy, and when I hear something, I chop individual parts QUICKLY and assign them to a pad. On the S2400, we have to sample, then save it to a new or existing project or folder on the SD card, then we can assign the sample to a pad. Not sure if this long process doesn’t kill anyone elses vibe, but speaking for myself, it completely kills mine. Theres way too many steps involved. Sample, assign to pad, DONE! Once I’ve sampled the sounds that I need, then I’ll save what I want to the SD card. I don’t want to save every single sample that intrigues me to a kit.

Cream of Beats


The S2400 may not have enough RAM to keep everything without saving.

Maybe a function to assign automatically the saved sample to the next empty pad could help to reduce the number of steps involved.


To add to this:

It would be nice to have a function where the last used name is already there when naming samples after sampling. Eg: If i named my last sample: “drumbreak01”, the next one could automatically be prenamed as “drumbreak02” (instead of having to redial / retype the whole name for every additional sample)… other machines do this and it saves a lot of time.


Came to the exact same conclusion after a year of using it, and also I would like to be able to trim the sample in memory without having to save it first, so I can have a trimmed loop that is nicely sliced and I can play it straight away and if I like what I’m hearing then I’ll save it.
This would speed many peoples workflow immensely I reckon, so pretty please?

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def a +1 on all of this.

You can save it directly to a pad if you’ll like?

Just sample, set start and end point (if you want) hit save button and then what pad to save it to. Then enter and you’re done.

You don’t have to save it to a folder or sd card and then go and assign it to a track.

Or I’m I missing something?


Oh, I think you may be right on this. That saves some time.

Well, yes the option is there to save to a pad, I had forgot about that. But the real issue now is it doesn’t save any of the adjustments (other than start/end) that you made to the chop. For instance, pitch or envelope settings. So once you save, let’s say the 8 chops on your multi A1-A8 to B1-B8 or anywhere else, you just have the raw sample. You would have to redo everything previously done.
I’m thinking maybe it’s just best to stay in multimode and forget about saving individual slices.

EDIT: Ok. I see I can actually ‘Bounce’ each chop to a new pad whereas it actually records the outputs so all my adjustments stay intact. Cool! So maybe a nice feature could be a batch save/bounce, whereas all 8 pads of your multi get saved and bounced to another bank of pads in one fell swoop.


I see! An option to save all 8 multi slices to another bank would be nice, so you don’t have to save each individual slice one by one. Which also transfered the other settings like pitch and envelope to the new pad.

I’m pretty sure there’s been a feature request for that for some time now.

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just discovered the bounce feature works nice for this. Everything is saved as you hear it. Now a batch save of the bounce feature (all 8 multis) would be great.

Here is the old feature request if you want to +1 it. Please note that the limitation described in that topic is not here anymore with the latest firmware but it would be nice to be able to extract all the slices in one operation anyway.

Thanks brother, I appreciate that.