Loading samples, quick building of kits

The S2400 is fairly quick to browse and load samples though the more streamlined this process is, the better.

I would like to request that when assigning samples to a pad that pressing another pad changes the assignment context to be about this new pad so that a whole kit can be assembled without needing to back out the assignment menu and back down into it again.


Let me see if I understand what you are saying, so when you hit Shift + Pad and then Assign Sound and scroll to the folder of your choice, are you suggesting that when you go to the next pad which automatically sets you back to the assign sound prompt (which still leaves you in the current folder unless you back out of it) and then you select again, you’re suggesting that it not go back to the Assign Sound prompt when you move onto the next pad but just stay in the folder you are currently in unless you press Back?

That was what I was suggesting, but I think I misunderstood how easy it already is. You’d probably have to remove the “press to confirm sample selection” stage as well and just have the selection be whatever you highlighted like on an MPC3000.

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It definitely became an easier workflow once it allowed for staying in the same folder, though I don’t personally object to the idea of being able to just set each pad within a folder without having to go back to the prompt, I just wanted to make sure I understood your request.

Though it’s not been officially stated I think the current trajectory is to get the features implemented, get the bugs fixed, get more units into the hands of the people, and then parse out UI improvements that make sense with the increased features/functionality.

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That makes total sense as a roadmap. Will stop thinking about UI stuff until later

I’m glad to see suggestions regarding the UI. And there have been some suggestions and changes along the way already so there is definitely no reason not to suggest some now even if other developments and features have to take precedence.

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Also dont forget that you can put samples in a folder with a 1-32 prepended and loading a kit will auto assign the pads/banks. Of course you would already have to know what samples you are using but once you figure out a kit you like it is super quick.