A couple minor workflow improvements in the "Assign Sound" window

Not a major request really, but would be a nice little workflow improvement if you could change bank and pad while in the file browser, when assigning a sound imo. Quite often looking for one thing, but find something totally different, and have to exit, navigate to a different pad, then re-enter the file browser.

Similarly, would be cool if the back button went back a folder when in the file browser, and long press went back to the main screen. I keep hitting back by instinct and accidentally exiting the browser, and think it would be a nice little improvement. Again no huge deal either way though.


Oh just spotted “shift+back” goes back a folder. I do think back and long press would be simpler, but that’s handy still :slight_smile:

As a habit you could just open the file browser from the file menu, or double click file button shortcut to go directly to the browser. From here you can browse sample freely and just press whatever pad you want to assign it to.

The assign sound menu option in the pad settings I mostly use for changing out samples. From there you can hear the sample you have highlighted playing with the pattern before you apply them. Very nice feature I think :slight_smile:

Yep that’s precisely why I like browsing from there, I don’t have to load a sound to pitch it around and see if I like it.

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