Custom file name and assign to pad option in resample mode

Probably a bit late to request this as more advanced resample features seem to be under development but just in case let me add the 2 requests below.

-custom file name for the sample that will be created. I don’t really like long file names and always change “resample” to “rsp”. It would be nice to be able to set up a default extension name.

-additional line between “name” and “pitch shift” like “assign to pad XX”.
95% of the time I resample from something that’s already assigned to a pad. When the resampling procedure ends, the original sample is replaced and I have to put it back and then set 16 bit and hifi again.

For example yesterday I had 16 bit samples on A1-A4 and I wanted the “12 bit” versions on A5-A8. I had to resample and reassign every time.

In this case a batch resample function in “browse files” may be more useful though :slight_smile:

That is because you are selecting resample from the track actions.
If you resample from Browse Files (by pressing F4), then it will not change any of your tracks.


Yeah that’s right. I use it from time and time. In browse files, an option to select multiple samples and do batch resampling might be useful. Probably too much work and not a lot of interest for this though.

Anyway, just to say that generally speaking, it’s easier to work from the pads. First because it’s the workflow of the machine, there’s no dedicated sample edit mode and so on. And for example, in case a lot of samples are in the project folder and a lot of samples are already assigned to bank A, B, C or D, it’s easier to start the operation from a pad rather than checking the name of the sample on this pad, remember it, then going to browse files, doing the operation, then find a free pad to assign it and assign it. :slight_smile: