Shortcut to go to current project folder in file browser/assign to track

It would be a huge time saver if we could have a shortcut to go the current project directory when browsing files.

If you for example accidentally delete a sample from a track, resample something and decide you want to go back to the original sample etc. you have to scroll through all your folders and projects to find the one you’re currently working on. Would be dope to just have F8 or F9 be a shortcut to the current project folder since those buttons are free for now.

The best would be if like F9 could be a user specified shortcut to your favorites folder, or one shots folder or what ever you go to the most often. Then have shift+F9 go to the project folder.

When we eventually get more resample options, like resample pattern and pads I think this will be even more useful as you might want to quickly go back and change a sample for a track that didn’t work out the way you hoped etc.

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