Assign random sample to track or bank

Feature request for the more experimental user!

Assign random sample/s to individual tracks or fill an entire bank.

Samples would be selected randomly from either the entire SD card root directory or an individually selected folder on SD card.

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That would be a nice idea starter feature!

The TR-8S can sort of do this. You can load up a project and change the sound bank while keeping the project’s note data programing and motion recording (automation).

Leads to some super cool results that can be instant bangers you can tweak or all out unusable madness lol

You can currently load up a project and then just go in and (semi)randomly assign new samples to pads, but it’s a bit of work and not truly random.

Actually now that I think of it, if you loaded up an old Project, you could probably load an already created Sound Bank that would replace all the pad sounds with the Sound Bank’s.

It’s a bit of a workaround to a ‘one-button-press’ type of option, but I think it would work similarly.

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I do something like this a lot. I have a batch file script in Windows that randomly names every file in a folder to a string of numbers. I will copy the files I want into the folder (sometimes hundreds at a time) and run the script. Then you can copy them to the sd card and load them up on the S2400. I even created a second script that will break a folder of samples into groups of 32. Combine those two and you get several folders randomly made, ready to load up. You have to be careful with the scripts though. Just ask if you want me to put them somewhere to share.