Am I saving my beats wrong?

Question- I start sampling set everything up, save file to a project and then save everything up. Does it create a new file when you start by sampling or you have to create a new project and then start sampling. I’m missing my last too sampling sessions that I started this way. Fw version from 24/02/2022
I start by sampling, saving the sample and stating the directory. Like this it does not create a new directory and the project that was named on where to save is not created. Is this something that someone has tried or do you simply start by creating the project file first?

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That seems about it, the thing is that it accepts to record to such directory after you assign it on the file management. It’s silly… I don’t why I did it two times in a row. Thanks for answering, this way seemed to make sense to me. Appreciate the input!

What I do is sample then trim it, then name it, then save it to a catagorised folder (like loops or drum hits etc) not the project. Now assign to pad, then you can save the edited or not sample within your project.

Yeah, I normally just keep my files in the project folder. Your way seem to be organized as well. Thanks

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