USB Sampling

Can you sample into the S2400 via USB?

once the usb audio functionality lands with the new firmware it will be possible!


Oh sweet! Thanks!

When USB audio is available you will see it as an input when sampling :slight_smile:


Yes the upcoming USB audio functionality will be able to sample incoming audio. Based on the update/ demo video Brad did (linked below), it looks like sampling will be done via Input Monitoring though. He touches on it but doesn’t demo it - I guess we’ll see when implemented, as of now I’m not sure how to record Input Monitored signals other than to live loops which you can then save as a sample…unless I’ve totally missed something.

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USB Audio input is handled like any other input. For Input Monitor, LiveLoops, and Sampling. You currently pick which jacks to monitor, record, or sample (line in 1/2, line in 3/4, phono 1, phono 2). In the next version, USB Audio is added to that list.


Awesome! Thanks!

So awesome, thanks for clarifying Mickey!

Oh, will sampling through USB still be processed through the analog filters?

USB Audio will bypass the analog filters. Once sampled you can resample through the analog circuitry though.

No. Right now I’m actually using the USB audio on the outs and I’m using the TRS ins for sampling. Having done both USB sampling in I prefer it this way. I find it easier to dial in using TRS in. But I’m really enjoying the USB audio out.

I may have missed it but when is this feature set to be pushed out to users?

There is no estimated deadline for firmware updates. It comes when it comes. Hopefully this month as there was nothing last month.

Really looking forward to USB sampling since I’ve always had a bit of computer line noise in my system that I can’t seem to get rid of. It’s pretty minor but once you stack up a bunch of analog samples you can hear it :confused: