Auditioning Samples from SD card I hear aliasing

When I am auditioning one shot, especially kicks am I supposed I hear aliasing ? I always hear a little “ring” while in preview. Even if I go into USB MSC mode and play from the SD card out my computer it has the same artifact/noise.

I tried importing 44.1/16 samples as well as converting the same sample to 48/16 and it made no difference.

This happens to all of my samples

…Im assuming this is a conversion issue .

UI Dec 16

AE Dec 1

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AH! “play from the SD card out my computer it has the same artifact/noise.” That points to a bad SD card. We have seen cards that were so bad they caused much worse effects than you are experiencing. Try formatting the card on the S2400. If that does not cure it, then try a new SD card.

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I only formatted the card in the 2400 was I supposed to do that a different way first?This is a brand new SD card that was formatted on the 2400

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Most new SD cards do not need to be re-formatted to work, but there is no harm in formatting it on the S2400.

Have you tried playing the sound off of the card directly on your computer (not through the S2400 MSC connection)?

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First thank you for replying so quickly it’s really appreciate it. Yes I move that sample to my computer and played it and It presented the same artifacts. I reformatted The SD card again for fat32 on my computer And converting all my samples to 48 /16. I’ll play them before and after I put them on the SD card and report back

ohhhh check this out.

OK, I think we have two issues. First, when I put the samples on the card as 44.1…the 2400 is doing the resampling on playback .“which can cause aliasing” from what I gather reading the manual.

When I convert the 44.1 files to 48k on my cpu and play back from my CPU HD they have the same sort of aliasing . Could it be that the conversion of my software and the 2400 are presenting the same conversion artifacts?

Yes, exactly. Try different software to do the conversion on your computer and see if that makes a diff.

Just asking out of curiosity, is it possible to implement a global option for the audio engine to run at 48khz or 44.1khz?

All my samples are 16 bit and 44.1khz. They came from my MPCs.

If no, what about an offline converter inside the S2400? Having to run a computer to convert samples when needed is not very user friendly during the creation process with standalone machines in my opinion.

if you find a solution to this I would love to know because like you , I have literally thousands of samples that I would love to have in the folder as it’s easier to audition. As of right now I can’t use really any kick drums because of the aliasing from conversion. pretty disappointing. maybe find a software that does a better job with conversion is our best bet.

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Hey Mickey! Slightly off topic as in no bugs on my end, just received my unit (#336) this week and man did you guys knock this one out of the park. I made the unfortunate mistake of thinking I had an SD card lying around somewhere - I didn’t so am looking at some now.

Do you know of/have any experience with any SD cards that you’ve seen work better than another with the 2400? I’ve never actually purchased an SD, been in the floppy & zip disk realm for too long - but it sounds like there are some that perform better in different applications so wanted to see if you had a good recommendation - size, brand, etc. that mesh well with the S2400. Any rec much appreciated!

Second question - while I don’t have an SD card, is there a workaround for sampling? Seems like you have to save a sample first before assigning to pad, but let me know if not the case. At the same time, not sure how much I even want to sample - find some magic - and then have no way of saving it.

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I don’t have a personal recommendation for SD cards. In my testing, I have not found one that doesn’t work. including a 10 year old 2GB card, which is a little slower, but works fine. I think any new brand name card will be fine. There has been some discussion of this among users on the Facebook group.

There is no way to sample without a card. Sounds are sampled into memory, but when played back, they stream from the SD card.


Im using San Disk Pro (128gig) works great. This “Bug” is not really a bug. Its the the inherent aliasing when upsampling from 44.1 to the 2400’s native 48k.

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Cool, thanks for the reply Mickey.

…Just asking out of curiosity, is it possible to implement a global option for the audio engine to run at 48khz or 44.1khz?..

short answer: NO, long answer: NO

thanks I ll take the short answer then :slight_smile:

As a workaround is it possible to implement an offline converting or resampling function or whatever it is called to do the job.

I would like to be able to exchange samples between my standalone machines without having to turn the computer on.

Sorry for the off-topic btw.

Do you want the short answer or the long answer :smiley:

Seriously though, there would be no benefit to that. The S2400 converts 44.1K samples to 48K on the fly. The same exact conversion would happen if there was a batch mode, so the converted samples would sound the same. The benefit to converting on a computer is a (potentially) higher quality conversion.

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I guess this’ll force me to record everything 48k from now on… literally everything I’ve ever recorded has been 44.1/16 bit. Is it 48k/24 bit?

When importing yeah it is not useful. When exporting it could be useful on the other hand. I suppose I ll just plug the outputs into the MPC inputs and resample like this. It doesn’t seem handy to try to transfer digitally.

so if importing it is best @ 48k then yes?

does the upsampling aliasing happen when not in preview too?

oh sheeeit i have no idea what my samples are :rofl: i will sample most stuff in anyhow