44.1 kHz (including 16-bit) native support possible?

After playing with the S2400 for almost a week now, my most wanted feature would be to have the machine play 44.1 kHz files natively (meaning cleanly without aliasing) instead of converting on the fly and eating up cycles.

90% of the samples I’ve curated over the past 20+ years are 44.1 kHz.
This includes any sample CDs I’ve ripped, commercial sample packs I’ve purchased, my Maschine library and expansions, files for Reason ReFills I’ve prepared, etc.

Literally can’t think of any that are 48 kHz.

Is this in any way possible? The S2400 is my dream machine. This would make it absolutely perfect. (For me, at least.)


Hey Woz- FWIW I dont notice any CPU struggles using 44.1 samples. Have you?
The only time I could get it to lag/miss hits was scrolling through a super long list of samples during playback(before I better organized them into folders). From what I understand the folder browsing has been improved in the new release.

No problems with CPU. I should have been clearer. My issue isn’t really about that. It’s that I’d like 44.1 samples to play back cleanly, without being converted on the fly. I love old-school aliasing, but when playing my Maschine library on the S2400, I’d like to be able to play them back cleanly.

Virtually 90% of my library is 44.1. It would be nice to have them play as intended.
Or am I missing something?

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Gotcha- and makes sense. Since I have a separate SD card I did batch resample a few select drum hits to 16/48, but dont really notice the difference. I am sure Ive blown my ears out from years of headphone abuse and subwoofers in my car though so…

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I thought i was alone on this matter most digital audio files are 44.1 it felt odd that 48 was chosen as the native sample rate. I was hopping the conversion on the fly would at least be aliasing free.
48khz 16 bit is a sample format i never seen people using but hey i don´t know everyone and to be honest if there was no aliasing it would be ok, but since it feels like you may compromise your sound i see no reason to have such an odd choice of format.
but hey i will make beats anyhow but yeah if there is a way to change it please do.


I was told no and no in another thread but still +1 for this request. Hopefully it can be put on the list for S2400mk2 or the next improved version of the machine.


Ahh… shame. I wonder why?