Sampling in 26 kHz mode results in 16 bit files not 12 bit


I received my machine last week and it is an absolute joy to use. Thank you very much!

However, I noticed that when recording samples in 26 kHz mode via inputs 1+2 the resulting file is indeed 26 kHz but 16 bit rather than 12 bit. I tested also resampling a 48 kHz 16 bit file and the resulting file is 26 kHz 16 bit.

Is this by design? Is the the file recording at 12 bit and then converted to 16 bit or is it a bug?

I am using the 2021-08-12 firmware.



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wav cant be 12 only 16 but yet it is 12 bit hope that makes sense


There is no such thing as a 12 bit WAV file, only 8, 16, 24, 32 (multiples of 8). The S2400 creates 16 bit files with the lower 4 bits set to zero.


Makes sense! Thanks for the clarification.