Resample vs. Inputs 1 & 2 (TRS/Phono)

Quick question that is pretty basic and I 'm thinking I may already know the answer but wanna throw it out there… :slight_smile:

The resampling feature is basically for samples that are not 26khz/12 bit.
If I sample through the inputs 1&2 (or phono 1&2), that is achieving the same thing, 26Khz/12 bit.
Is this correct?

Resample is for an existing WAV file that is hifi.


Thanks, brother. :+1:

You can abuse it, and keep resampling. Every time you do, the filtering will get a bit more pronounced. Add some lofi to your lofi :ok_hand:


Oh definitely! Thanks.

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Liking your love trilogy pt 2 track btw on Spotify! Good stuff. Love to see the community built around this forum.

link? same here

It is in his profile so assume fair game to share :smile:

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Thanks folks!
Didn’t expect that, but appreciate it :slight_smile:

Yes, and I agree @tigerhill love the community here.