Multi copy of a wave

I’m still a newbie trying to figure out this wonderful machine. Is there a way to “edit” “extract” a particaular sample out of the original sample tontime stretch etc. im finding it difficult to extract a chop once in multi loop slice mode I’m ao happy that time stretch will be available soon.

I hope I can chop more than eight pads per sample (if I can’t ill live with it)

When chopping on the multi mode is there a way the precious chop end point will follow?

And lastly can I chop more than 8 pads to extend to the 32 with the banks or is it limited to just the 8. If not that’s fine I’ll chop eight samples at a time per track.

Looking forward to the response.

so far we only have 8 slices

you can save slices as files, would that work for you?

chop end to follow? you mean like an auto chop so the next start does not affect the last end?

There are only 8 slices per track. Well, 9 really, because there is the main non-multi slice also.
You can load the same sound onto two different tracks and slice them differently.

We do not have locked slices yet. That is, where moving the end of a slice automatically moves the start of the next slice. However, the same thing can be achieved by pressing F4 and F6 in the waveform editor.

Thank you guys for your reply. I guess my question is once I sample a 2 bar loop. I go to the loop slice after saving and loading a sound to a pad/track and I chop it in multi mode. I’d like to copy let’s say pad two from that multi and manipulate it the way I’d like. How do I extract or copy it out of the multi ? Or am I limited to copying or extracting chips from loop slice? Or do I just sample each slice I would like and save each time doing the old method of start and stop the record ? I hope this is a better way of sending the question. When I go to copy it doesn’t allow me to copy just a wav (unless I’m doing something wrong) it copies the sequence.

You can save a slice as a separate sample and assign that to another pad.
But usually that is not necessary. Each multi slice can be recorded into patterns, and separately pitched, filtered, enveloped etc.

Can I extract or copy a slice out of multi mode and save that as a new sample?


AWESOME! I watched all the tutorial vids and am wondering how do you do that?

press the save button while editing the slice in the waveform editor